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Prevent Your Dog From Jumping on Strangers or Guests

To show their love and affection towards you, dogs jump when you enter your house. They get very excited and show you that they are extremely happy to see you again, this behavior is very natural and shown by all dog breeds. This habit of dogs jumping on everyone is not acceptable even if it […]

Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds

Looking for a family friendly dog? One with whom you and your kids can spend a quality time with? Here are few dog breeds which are the most family friendly: Labrador The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breed in the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom. They come in […]

Top 6 Family Guard Dog Breeds

It is truly said that the pet actually adds up a sense of security in any home. Some families make a correct decision of bringing home a dog. Dogs are the most loyal creatures of the earth and it can help you in protection from unwanted people in your home. It is very important to […]

10 Food Items That Dogs Should NEVER Eat

So it’s breakfast time and your dog is looking at you with his big puppy eyes. He is completely salivating and barks, just to let you know that he is there. “Here cutie, take it”, you say while giving him a piece of steak. Giving your dog a little “human food” isn’t that bad at […]

10 Most Important Dog Training Tips

OK, so finally your new puppy or dog is home, you have purchased his toys, shampoo, bones, comb, bed, leash etc but there is one most important thing that should be done and without it all of the above mentioned things will not make your dog, the most perfect one! The most important thing is […]

Dog Obedience Training – 5 Essential Commands

Ever wondered to have a well trained dog? But guess what having an amazingly trained dog is not as same as having a balanced dog, but if your little one knows a few basic commands, then it can be very beneficial when dealing with behavior problems. So where do you start with dog obedience training? […]

How To Keep House Clean With Dogs

Dogs are man’s greatest friends and they are complete package of joy if you have them in your house. Dog friendly home cleaning ideas can help you in a long way to keep your home Dog friendly and hygienic and also helps your family and your Dog happy and healthy. Dogs make your life happy […]

Games To Play With Your Puppy

Games are very fun but they also teach your puppy special skills and makes them active. Here are few games that you can make your puppy play: Fetch Firstly ask your puppy to come, sit and then throw a toy or a ball. Encourage him to go and get it. You can begin praising him […]

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